Howard Wolowitz

Howard Big Bang Theory

Character Name: Howard Wolowitz
Howard’s Actor Name: Simon Helberg
Profession: Aerospace Engineer
Born: 1981
IQ: Unknown – but he is NOT a Doctor
Qualifications: lacks a doctoral degree.
Relationship: Bernadette
Often says: “No Mom”
Twitter: @TheRealHowardW

Howard Wolowitz – Big Bang Theory

Howard is a self confessed ladies man and is the only member of the gang who still lives with his mother (who we have never seen) he also lacks a doctorate. Additionally Howard is the only member of group thats been in space, he traveled on a Russian rocket to the International Space Station at the end of season 5 / start of season 6. After he returned he swapped his means of transportation from a Vespa moped to a Mini Cooper S.

Howard is an Aerospace Engineer at Caltech‘s Department of Applied Physics and is often seen at Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper‘s apartment.  Howard was born in 1981 and is best friends with Rajesh Koothrappali (some times the two as so close they come across as a gay couple), his degree in Engineering was obtained from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Howard’s Personality

Howard comes across as a wannabe ladies man, approaching women with awful chat up lines that normally fail, he is by far the most sexed crazed member of the group. Howard like his friends are a big fan of super heroes and comic books along with scifi movies and series like Star Trek, Star Wars.


However, after meeting and dating Bernadette who later became his wife (Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz) his personality changed massively from the wannabe player into a more respectable guy. Their relationship had a few bumps along the road, the two biggest being Howard having cyber sex with a troll in World of Warcraft and his stalling effort to move out of his mothers house.