Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Big Bang TheoryCharacter Name: Leonard Hofstadter Leonard’s Actors Name: Johnny Galecki
Profession: Experimental physicist
Born: May 1980
IQ: 173
Qualifications: Ph.D.
Relationship: Penny
Often says: “Not some kind of nerd, I’m the king of nerds”
Twitter: @drllhofstadter
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0034093/

Leonard Hofstadter – Big Bang Theory

Leonard is the best friend of Sheldon who he ment when looking for a room mate at work, the two are now best friends, room mates and colleagues at Caltech where Leonard works as a Experimental physicist. Leonard is a lovable Big bang Theory character often mocked by Sheldon for being less intelligent than him, his constant chasing of his neighbour Penny eventually profits and the two got together and then split up… Currently the two have got back together after a long on & off relationship, however things look rocky for Leonard as Penny is unsure of how she feels.

Leonard & Penny Relationship

In the Pilot Penny moves in over the hall from Leonard & Sheldon and from that point Leonard has been totally whipped by Penny making a constant effort to become her boyfriend.

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